1. Let me be even more clear: The Internet already exists in Africa! With few exceptions, no matter where I went in Ghana, I got wireless service – and was even able to tether my laptop to my BlackBerry. All of these experiences, as well as quickly signing up for a pre-paid wireless service in nearby Nigeria, make me deeply skeptical about the much-hyped attempts by massive Western corporations to “bring” Internet service to Africans. Google is planning on floating balloons over unconnected parts of the continent. And now Facebook, according to Techcrunch, is looking at buying a drone company called Titan Aerospace to do much the same thing: Toss up solar-powered unmanned flying craft that will beam down Internet to remote areas – like something out of a remake of The Gods Must Be Crazy.

  2. According to a BBC News report, data from pedestrian signal buttons may or may not have any real effect on SCOOT-controlled crossing timings, depending on their location and the time of day, and some junctions may be completely automated, with push-buttons which do not have any effect at all,[3] effectively acting as placebo buttons. However, the same report quotes a Transport for London source as stating that the majority of pedestrian junctions in London do respond to the pedestrian signal button.

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    The Holy Mountain (1973), dir. Alejandro Jodorowsky

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  4. Reviewsbot getting all philosophical on us here.


  5. http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn25068-wikipediasize-maths-proof-too-big-for-humans-to-check.html

    "It would take years to check the computer’s working – and extending the method to check for yet higher discrepancies might easily produce proofs that are simply too long to be checked by humans. But that raises an interesting philosophical question, says Lisitsa: can a proof really be accepted if no human reads it?"

    The idea of non-human mathematics is super intriguing to me right now.


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    »the 365 days of 1991 classified by size« by claude closky (+)



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    Ironic and Unfortunate Shirts Worn in Mugshots [via]

    My favorite is the second photo set, guy on the right!

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    #the first chicks just like yeah all right lets get physically fit #the second woman is ready to slit somebody’s throat #the third guy just watched the second woman slit someone he loves throat #and the fourth guy is having explosive diarrhea and hoping to distract himself from the pain #using this level forty fist nunchuck

    and at level 70 you fucking animorph into a gorilla

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    »the sell out« by eric yahnker


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    말살하라우! 말살하라우!

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